Editing clears away the brush so you can see what mattersWhen editing, I worry about things such as split infinitives, subject/verb agreements, punctuation, serial commas, compound adjectives and a whole lot more.

Why? So you—and your audience—don’t have to.

Truth is, I LOVE that stuff! And I go to great pains to ensure you or your readers don’t even think about it. By the time it gets back to you, it’s all about plain language and consistency.

How important is good editing? After all, this is the Internet age where everything is fast, fast, fast–who cares about whether or not u r a gr8 writer, right?

Your audience cares. That’s why my editing services can make a real difference.

You audience won’t tell you that you need an editor. But they will think it. And they will likely act on it.

An investment in editing

Do you know who else cares about editing? Charles Duncombe.

Mr. Duncombe is a businessperson who runs travel, mobile-phone and clothing websites in the UK. He took it upon himself to measure the revenue-per-visitor to tightsplease.co.uk, a British fashion website. His claim? Revenues doubled after the errors were corrected

Now, I’m not saying this will happen to you but are typos, poor grammar and murky writing worth the potential loss of revenue, donations or supporter loyalty? Contact me today at 613-850-5554. Line by line, word by word, I will help make sure your text is clean, clear, concise and compelling. Alliteration is free.