About the artwork

Danielle Vermette, Artist
Danielle Blais Vermette, Artist

It would have been easy to populate this website with pictures of pens, antique typewriters, beautiful calligraphy and other writing-related images.

Instead, we are featuring the work of talented artist and sculptor, Danielle Blais Vermette.

Danielle currently resides in Rockland, Ontario, on the banks of the Ottawa River with her pug, Fanie. You can contact Danielle by email at artbyblais@gmail.com or by telephone at 613-419-0867.

Visit Danielle on the web at www.artbyblais.com to see these and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike art galleries that earn a commission of up to 60% of each sale, we take no commissions. Danielle is a gifted artist and we believe you deserve exposure to her art.